Why Sunshine Herbs & Vitamins

After being Healthy Traditions for so many years an opportunity has been given to us by a godly woman who was my natural health mentor and teacher for over 25 years. Darlene Haberer has been with Nature Sunshine for many, many years. She was retiring and looking for someone to carry on “Sunshine Herbs and Vitamins”. Keith and I were honored when approached about taking over the shop. It’s an amazing opportunity and not a day passes that we are not grateful.

We met Darlene in the early 90s when we were looking for help for a serious family health situation (10 year old child had cancer and we were given no hope). I was blown away with the simple but profound answers she gave.

I cried most of that first hour she spent with me because for the first time, I had hope! She did not diagnose or prescribe anything… she educated! Sharing lifestyle changes and facts about the wonderful herbs God had given us, we chose to apply this wisdom to our lives. (By the way our daughter is fine!)

She has taught many of us over the years while encouraging us to do the same. So I challenge all of us to carry on, as we have seen her do, as a token of our appreciation for all the hard work invested in us.

Darlene and Ted Haberer are a good example of inspiration and wisdom when it comes to health issues. The integrity and compassion they portrayed in their business only sets the foundation for the legacy they have in this part of the world. Anyone who knows them understands how hard it would be to fill their shoes. So I cannot attempt to and I won’t, but I will attempt to be the best “me” I can be and do so in a way that would be honoring to their legacy and to God.

So welcome to this next chapter of our life with “Sunshine Herbs & Vitamins”!

Kathy Stickler

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