“IN-FORM” Me… My road to health!

Pick Your Challenge or Your Challenge Will Pick You!

Can you imagine… I first heard this quote in 2013 from a speaker when I was receiving training to become certified as an IN.FORM Health Coach. I really was more into learning and not so much doing, but as time went on, I saw challenges coming my way.

Meanwhile, during this time I went with my hubby, Keith, to a routine “lunch and learn” at his workplace. The gentleman there was sharing about retirement and how to prepare. He started out with a “Did you know…” concept. Paraphrased, it went…”Did you know that 60 % of all senior citizens live at poverty level and not because they didn’t plan…” (Okay, you have my attention) “… but because of health issues. Their savings and retirement are being devoured by medical bills.”

I had been feeling a little over the hill lately. I knew I was getting up there, you know when you get up from your chair and you start to creak and groan even just a little, you aren’t 30 anymore. You also may try to fake it at a restaurant and slide out of your booth and pause to share a last minute thought with a friend before you start out but in reality, the inside motive is “Oh, creak… groan, wait until my body catches up with me before I try to move. I am determined to walk out gracefully and not like an old lady!”

I decided to activate my health and get more excited about life. And that’s where it all began! We implemented the IN-FORM program in our lives. I would love to share this with you. So watch for the next steps of what we did to improve our energy and sharpen brain function.

But beware… life is not for wimps!  😉  Joshua 1:9